Gear bag check is an easy way for us to store your items (like extra clothing) during your race. Your race packet, available at our expo, will contain everything you need! To check-in your gear, place your items in the gear bag, cinch it closed, and use the enclosed zip tie to attach your gear check label to your bag. (Your gear check label can be found along the bottom portion of your race bib and has your bib number pre-printed on it for easy identification & retrieval after your race). Please do not use gear check for valuables such as your car keys, cell phone, or jewelry, as we cannot be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

There will be trucks located in the Hotel Karlan parking lot for you to drop your gear bags at the start. You can pick your gear check bags up in the finish area after you cross the finish line.

NOTE: unclaimed bags will be donated. We cannot mail unclaimed bags